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Welcome to our Dale and Friends online store!

A fantastic range of fun and educational farmyard children's books and associated merchandise are in our store for you to discover.

Our range includes realistically illustrated and brightly coloured children's board books - sold on their own or beautifully gift packaged with replica character toys or merchandise.

    All feature the 'Dale and Friends' farmyard characters:  Dale the Duck, Sammy the Sheepdog, Penny the Piglet & Lillie the Lamb.

Each book teaches children a little about the animals, features a fun story and has a hidden "life lesson".

"Julie and Jayne have worked together to produce a delighful range of books for young children. The 'Dale and Friends' series, with its friendly animal characters, is immediately appealing"
Brenda Gardner
(Retired Infant Teacher)

"My children love following Dale and his friends on their little journeys.  These books are sensibly written and stunningly illustrated, making them a pleasure to read - every Aussie child should have a set!"
Karen Schmitzer
(Owner, Kids Designer Gallery)

"My whole family loves the Dale and Friends series.  The adventures and illustrations of all Dale's friends are uniquely Australian and appeal to all ages. This series is a great addition to any book collection".
Rachel Ellis
(Mum of Hannah, aged 1)

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